Reasons Why A Cooling Vest Will Be Utilized In Industrial Space


At the height of production, you will find welders, painters and sandblasters, among many other traders wearing this vest.

It is comfortable to wear. It provides flexibility of movement for all physically active artisans. Known as a cooling vest, it is also defined as an air vest. Logically speaking, this tells us that the specially formulated vest does two things for all those who will be wearing them during their productive processes. Under heated conditions, the vest cools the user’s body down. While doing so, it has cohesive ventilation outlets, allowing in air that, of course, helps the necessary cooling process.

The vest is a trademarked creation. It has the ability to counter what is known as Boyle’s Law. In part, this has something to do with a dramatic drop in pressure and temperature, usually within the industrial environment. The vest is fire and flame retardant. It effectively utilizes standard compressed air in order to cool its users, the artisans. This function is necessary where normal air conditioning is not practical.

Full body cooling is provided for the wearer under extreme conditions. Auxiliary vests are also available for artisans to wear under intensely heated conditions. Provided leggings double the surface area being cooled. That means to say, the user’s entire body can be kept comfortable and cool, allowing him to be physically productive throughout his work shift and without any impediments. Working mainly with his hands, the artisan also has cooling gloves to wear.

air vest

But this does not mean that the gloves are specifically designed to lift or pick up extremely hot items or materials. No, for that other tools are usually required.

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