A Guide To Building A Deck

A good, appealing deck can make for a great addition to any home. If you are one of the many people who has always wanted to add a deck to your yard, it may be easier to do than you think. Most are hesitant to undergo such a strenuous and taxing project, but the end result always makes the work well worth it. If you are ready to build your dream deck, there are some tips and methods that can make the process a bit less hard on you.

Materials –

Deck rails

There aren’t many different materials that you need to have before you start building, but all are very important. You should first plan out the dimensions of the deck and map where you are going to install it. Place posts and markers to make sure that your measurements are accurate when it comes time to build. You should first have however much wood you need depending on the size of the deck, posts, concrete, concrete molds, all necessary tools,  steps, and rails. Deck rails always add that extra bit of spice to your deck and really accent whichever style you may be going for.

Building –

You should start by establishing a foundation with the concrete. Pour the concrete into the molds where you plan on installing the posts that will keep the structure of the deck sturdy. You should then map and build the frame starting around the center beam and the perimeter of the deck, Attach steel brackets to each joint to ensure structural integrity. Finish building the frame apart from the foundation and after it is complete, install it into the frame of the deck. After that, you can finish your build by placing the floorboards, finishing the wood, and painting!